How To Access A Wiki
A wiki is a very accessible system. It does not require any special technologies other than an up to date web browser.

The wiki user is provided by the wiki owner/organiser with a web site address where the wiki is located. This is typed, or copy/pasted into the address field of a web browser.

Wiki - URL.jpg
Figure 1 - Wiki Web Site Address or URL

Some wikis are open access and do not require accounts. However, most wikis, which require a membership that can view, edit and develop the wiki's content, will need a secure login account for which they will have been provided with details.

Wiki - Sign In Link.jpg
Figure 2 - Sign In link

To log in to the wiki, the user must click on the Sign In link, at top-right of the page.

Wiki - Login Screen.jpg
Figure 3 - Login screen

Wiki - Login Screen 2.jpg
Figure 4 - Login Screen (after scrolling down)

The wiki user types in to a login screen their user ID and their password and clicks the Sign In button.

Wiki - Logged In - My Wikis.jpg
Figure 5 - User signed in - List of wikis

Once signed in, the user can move the mouse cursor over the My Wikis link in the top-right list of links and a drop-down list of all the wikis the user has access to appears. The user can then select the wiki they want to go to.