Using Adobe Presenter

Note: some of the screenshots on this page may be out of date because the software has been updated, however the instructions should still function correctly. If you have any comments please contact the
e-Learning Support Team.

Adobe Presenter is a plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint which allows you to record audio over your PowerPoint presentation. Students will then be able to view this presentation in a streaming Flash video in their web browser, requiring no other software.

Requirements for recording:

  • A computer running Windows and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • A microphone
  • A Breeze/Connect account (see below)
  • Please view complete System Requirements for Adobe Presenter at the following address:
  • NB. Adobe Presenter will not run on Apple Mac computers.

Your Breeze account

To begin using Presenter you will require an Adobe Connect/Breeze account, which can be provided by the e-Learning Support team, who will send you an email enabling you to set your own password and giving you access to the system. In future you can login to the system at using your Middlesex email address as your user name, which should be in staff id format (e.g., and whichever password you have been provided with by the elearning support team.

Setting up

The following steps need only be completed once on any one computer (except student computers). On subsequent uses of Breeze you can skip this section.

To install Presenter you will need to be running Windows, and have administrator rights on your computer. If you do not have administrator rights or are unsure, someone from the e-Learning Support team will assist you. If you do:
  • Click on the following link:

    You will be taken to the Adobe website and asked to sign in or create an Adobe account. You can use an existing Adobe account if you have one, otherwise click on 'Get an Adobe ID' and follow the instructions. Remember that these details are separate from the ones you used to login to the university Breeze system, but you can use the same details if you wish
  • Click on the dropdown that says 'Download Adobe Presenter 11.1' and select the English version, then click on Download.
  • The Adobe installer will then download. You may be prompted to save files to your computer - if so then just save them to your desktop. You will be able to remove these afterwards
  • After the installer is downloaded it will begin to download the Adobe Presenter software. This may take a while as it is a large file
  • Eventually you will be asked if you have purchased the software or if you would like a free trial. Select 'Purchased' to enter the serial number. If you do not have this please contact the e-Learning Support Team. You can select the free trial to avoid entering the serial number for up to 30 days.
  • Continue until the software is installed
  • Open PowerPoint and you will see an Adobe Presenter toolbar at the top of the screen – select this and then press the Publish button

(note: on some computers Adobe Presenter will appear under Add-Ins instead)


  • A window will pop up. The first time you use Adobe Presenter it will ask you to Accept the terms and conditions – click Accept and then click Don’t Ask Again when it asks you to register the software.
  • Click on the Adobe Connect Pro icon on the left side, underneath My Computer
  • Click on Edit Servers


  • Click on Add, then type in the name of the server (this can be anything you will recognise, e.g. 'Breeze’)
  • In the URL box type


  • Press OK and close the popup windows

You are now ready to use Presenter.

Recording your presentation

  • Open your Powerpoint presentation and ensure your microphone is plugged in
  • Select the Adobe Presenter toolbar and click Record
  • You will be prompted to test your microphone – do so by speaking into it and click OK when the red box turns green and says ‘Input level OK’



  • Move the box into a corner so you can see the slides properly
  • Ensure that the ‘Record/Play this slide only box is not ticked
  • When you are ready to begin, click on the Record button (the button with the red circle on it) – you are now being recorded
  • To move to the next slide (or animation, if present) click on the large button in the bottom left of the control box (it will say Next Slide or Next Animation as necessary) and continue speaking
  • To pause recording at any point, press the pause button – this will stop recording until you press Record again
  • To finish recording, press Stop

If you want to re-record any part of your presentation you can do this from any point, or for one slide at a time by doing the following:

  • Press Stop to stop recording if necessary
  • Use the Previous and Next buttons to view the slide you want to start recording from
  • Tick the Record/Play this slide only box if only recording one slide
  • Press Record and continue as normal
  • Press Stop when finished

Bear in mind that doing any recording for a slide will overwrite what was recorded for that slide previously, even if you only record a few seconds of silence

When you are finished, press OK (do NOT click on Cancel!)

Publishing the presentation

  • With the presentation still open, click on the Publish button on the Adobe Presenter toolbar.


  • Click on Adobe Connect Pro on the left side
  • Click on Publish – this may take a few minutes depending on how large the file is


  • Login to the Breeze/Connect server when prompted
  • Click on the button at the top which says Publish to This Folder


  • Give the presentation a title (e.g. Week 3 – Data Warehousing)
  • Type in a URL for the recording - this must be unique, so use something like ‘HRM1300Week30809’ rather than ‘lecture3’. You can leave this blank if you wish and a random URL will be generated


  • Click Next
  • Click on the Customize button


  • Click on the Yes option next to Allow Public Viewing


  • Click on Finish at the bottom of the page.
  • The presentation will then be published to the Breeze server – press OK.

You will then see the details of your lecture recording. Here you will see the URL for Viewing – you can click on this to watch the recording, just as the students will see it. You can send this link to students or staff, and post a Web Link on your OASISplus page where it will be easily accessible.


To view these details in future, open a web browser and login to Breeze at Click on Content to see a list of all your uploaded recordings, then click on the name of the recording you uploaded.