Overseas_icon.pngAsymmetric Cohorts And Mutual Exclusivity

The process of putting the students into groups works best, or more easily, if the cohorts involved are asymmetric in size, for example, if the Hendon cohort is 200 students in size and the Dubai cohort is 20 students in size. Setting these two groups up in a mutually exclusive configuration should take no longer than half an hour.

If the two cohorts are large, greater than 200 students, and of equal size, then this will require a substantial initial investment in time to set up the groups - 3 - 5 hours.

Mutually exclusive groups are when the students can only be placed in one group. To achieve this, the tutor has to manually select, or deselect each individual student, based on the group they are in. In the case of managing Overseas cohorts in conjunction with the Hendon or Trent Park cohorts, the Hendon cohort would form one group, Trent Park would form another group, Dubai another, Mauritius another, and so on. Students from Dubai, say, would not be placed in the Hendon group, for example.

Further mutual exclusive groups you may consider creating may include a group for special needs students (visually impaired, or dyslexia, etc) who require extra time for sitting online tests. Although as a separate group from your Designer interface, from the students' perspective, content can be released to this group in the same way as to any other group but they can also benefit from being able to be given extra time for online tests by having a copy of an online test specially prepared with the extra time allocated.

To set up the mutually exclusive cohort groups, identify the smaller cohort, usually Dubai, Lingnan, or Mauritius, and obtain the student list from Misis. In Oasisplus, create the group and tick in all the names in that cohort to build the group. Once that group is saved, create the larger cohort, usually Hendon or Trent Park. Use the Paging Icon in the bottom of the student list of the Add Members page to show all the students. Then at the top of the page, click the top-check-box next to the "Last Name" column. Now go down the list and un-tick the students on the Dubai, Lingnan, or Mauritius cohort. Click Add Selected and Save.

You would need to un-tick a third group if there was one, from the larger group as well. But the safest method is to use a tick-in process for all groups.


  • Works best when you have one very large cohort and one small cohort
  • quite quick to set up
  • Small group you tick-in
  • Large group you tick-all and un-tick small group