Audio Feedback: Exploring electronic methods of providing engaging student feedback

Type of workshop
This workshop is offered on request for groups of up to 6 participants and is also offered on a 1-2-1 basis in a coaching/mentoring capacity.

Target audience
This workshop would be of interest to academic and professional staff who support student learning and those wishing to explore electronic methods of providing feedback to students.

Brief outline/description
Studies have shown that the use of audio can capture the interest of students and increase their engagement with feedback due to the fact that it can be richer, more personal and easier to digest. There is also evidence to suggest that once staff are confident in providing feedback in this way it is may also be quicker to provide than traditional written feedback.
This workshop aims to:
  • introduce and define the concept of audio feedback
  • discuss why and how it can be used in higher education
  • share examples of good practice
  • provide demonstrations and opportunities to practice:
    • recording mp3 audio files
    • editing audio files (deleting, amplifying, inserting silence, time shifting)
    • saving audio files in mp3 format
    • uploading to the files to OASISplus
    • using the ‘selective release’ feature to keep feedback private and confidential.
    • delivering audio feedback to the student using private email communication.

Intended outcomes
This workshop aims to provide participants with:
  • a clear understanding of what audio feedback involves (planning and implementation)
  • the skills and experience needed to use audio feedback for teaching and the support of learning.

Led by
Agi Ryder, e-Learning Research and Innovation Advisor
Asanka Dayananda, e-Learning Academic Advisor

2 hours