Lecture capture process

steps in red are to be completed by the academic.

Before the session:

Lecturer books the lecture capture hardware and agrees to adhere to copyright through the online agreement form
Information required is:

Module - Date needed - Time needed - Location - Department - School - Name

During the session:

AV staff deliver the capture kit to the room and place in appropriate position.
AV Plug in to power and network point, and give lecturer the remote.
Lecturer types in required code when ready and starts the recording by pressing the green phone upon the handset. - the Code = 21000.
Lecturer ends the recording from the remote (note: requires TWO presses of red key).

After the session:

AV collect the capture kit at end of session.
AV staff upload the resulting file to MDXPlay.
AV staff send the lecturer the URL for the recording to the lecturer
Lecturer either goes to MDXPlay to download the video to use within a different system or, uses the URL to link to, or share the video.