Preparing your Bridging Materials

Type of workshop
This workshop is offered as on a scheduled basis for programme teams

Target audience
This workshop would be of interest to programme teams and departmental and school administrative staff involved in compiling and delivering Bridging Materials.

Brief outline/description
These are highly resourced one-stop workshops that will enable staff to develop a rich set of programme specific Bridging Materials which include images and video clips. For example, welcome videos from the programme leader and team, or perhaps short experience videos from final year students – all with the aim of giving students an idea of what to expect from the programme. The workshop facilitators will support staff in initially creating their bridging materials and with the guidance and templates show how to upload them.

Intended outcomes
After attending the workshop participants will have:
  • learnt how to develop and update bridging materials using the template within OASISplus.
  • confidence in the use of the HTML editor within OASISplus
  • their programme’s Bridging Materials online and ready to go live.

Led by
Alex Chapman, e-Learning Support Team Manager
John Koushappas, e-Learning Technologist
Paul Smith, e-Learning Technologist
John Parkinson, e-Learning Technologist

2 - 3 hours