Turnitin - Bulk downloading of Grademarked student papers

You can download a complete set of Grademarked student submissions from the Turnitin Assignment inbox by following these steps:

1. In the Assignment Inbox click on the checkbox to the left of the Author column heading (A).
Next click on the Download button to begin the process of downloading either the original student submission or the Grademarked version (B).


2. You are now taken to a screen describing the process you have instigated. Click the OK button to begin the action.


3. You will now see a screen telling you that the files are being compressed in preparation for the download. The download will be delivered as a zip file and will need to be unzipped once retrieved.


4. After a few minutes (a duration dependent upon the amount of documents you have chosen to download) you will recieve notification in the Turnitin Message Box that you have recieved a new message. Click on the Messages heading to open the message.


5. The message tells you that you now have a bulk download file available. Click on this.


6. This takes you to a link to the downloadable zip file. Click on this to download the bulk submission.


NB. The zip file you have created will only be available for a limited amount of time and it would therefore be a good idea to download this as soon as it is available. This is doubly important if you are going to remove the submissions from the inbox by running the "Roster Sync" function.

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