This workshop has covered a lot of principles, however they are relatively simple once you understand how to work with them. these will allow you do build a powerful and well structured course which can be deployed to a complex cohort mix, whilst presenting what appears to be a simple structure to the students.

There are a few complications you need to be aware of.

The Same Document Released To Two Groups At Different Times.

If you need to present a particular document to both Green and Yellow cohorts but at different times, you may have to upload it twice and apply different date release criteria to each of them. However, in the filing system, you need to make sure each copy of the document has been placed in its respective folder first. The procedure is:

  1. Go to the File Manager,
  2. Go to Green Extras Folder
  3. Upload document using the Get Files button
  4. Go to the Yellow Extras folder
  5. Upload document sing the Get Files button
  6. Go to home page
  7. Go to the Green Folder Page Icon
  8. Click Add File
  9. Browse For Files
  10. Go to the Green Extras folder in the filing system, and select the file using its radio button to its left.
  11. Click OK
  12. Apply Selecive release criteria for the document in the Green Extras folder page icon.
  13. Repeat procedure steps 6 - 12 for putting the same (but applying to yellow) document on the Yellow Extras folder page. Use different Selective Release date / time criteria.


Likewise with quizzes, you will need to make two copies of the same quiz and release each one separately to its respective cohort group. The quiz tool makes this quite easy by allowing you to make a template copy of the quiz, after which you would need to consider the different settings required both for the release of the icon disclosing the quiz, and the dates for releasing the quiz. You will also, as a consequence, end up with separate grade book columns for each cohort's quiz scores, though this should be considered as a good thing!