nursing_icon.pngOverseas_icon.pngCreating A Sign-Up Sheet

  1. From the Teach Tab, under Instructor Tools, click Group Manager. The Group Manager screen appears.
  2. Click Create Groups. The Create Groups screen appears.
  3. Select Create Groups with Sign-up sheets and click Continue. The Create Groups with Sign-Up Sheets screen appears.
  4. Enter Number of groups, in this case, "1"
  5. Enter Word or phrase, e.g., "I can't see the second folder"
  6. Enter in the Default description field "please click here, then the sign-up button on the right"
  7. In the Maximum Students per group: field, enter "500", or however big a number covers the whole cohort.
  8. Do NOT tick the Student View checkbox "Allow Students who have not yet joined a group to see the names of group members. After Students join a group, they will see a list of group members."
  9. In the Sign-up sheet settings, Sign-up sheet title, enter "I can't see the second folder"
  10. In the Sign-up sheet instructions:, enter "please click the sign-up button on the right"
  11. In the Place the sign-up sheet link on: drop-down box, select "Home Page"
  12. On the following, Confirm Created Groups page, click Save.
  13. Return to Group Manager, click on the Actionlink of the sign-up sheet you have just created and click Edit Group.
  14. In the Group Name field you may need to edit the Group name to remove the appended number.
  15. Click Save at the bottom.