Using OASISplus for Recording Assessment and Providing e-Feedback

Type of workshop
This workshop is offered on a scheduled basis, or on demand to small - medium groups (6-8 participants), it can also be offered on a 1-2-1 basis in a coaching/mentoring capacity.

Target audience
This workshop would be of interest to all staff who engage in and support the assessment and provision of feedback to students.

Brief outline/description
This workshop aims to provide an understanding and practical experience of using the Grade Book tool within OASISplus to record assessment and provide e-feedback to students.
This workshop is hands-on and practical and participants will be viewing and modifying grades in a practice module in OASISplus. Participants will see preparatory materials added to their OASISplus accounts prior to the workshop.

Participants will gain practical hands-on experience of:
  • managing and delivering grades and feedback using the Grade Book tool within OASISplus.
  • managing the automatic grading of online assessments through Grade Book.
  • recording both formative and summative grades and providing e-feedback to students in a timely and effective manner.
  • exporting grades from Grade Book

Intended outcomes
This workshop aims to provide participants with:
  • a clear understanding of the Grade Book tool within OASISplus and how it can be used to record both formative and summative assessment and enhance the provision of effective electronic feedback
  • the practical skills and experience required to integrate Grade Book into their assessment and feedback practices.

Led by
Alex Chapman, e-Learning Support Team Manager
John Koushappas, e-Learning Technologist
Paul Smith, e-Learning Technologist
John Parkinson, e-Learning Technologist

2-3 hours