Overseas_icon.pngThe Filing System

The documents that are uploaded onto the folder icon pages are also uploaded into the root of the module's filing system.These will generally appear as an unorganised mess, if you allow them to! A better strategy is to create an appropriate filing system folder structure which matches the folder icon structure you are using to deliver materials to the students, figure 1.

Figure 1 - Module Filing System

Note that there are three essential folders to this strategy: Open access or the Red Folder, Green Extras and Yellow Extras. These folders will hold the actual documents which have been uploaded and have corresponding icons on the correponding folder icon pages.

How To Manage Files

When documents are uploaded to a folder page, the files are uploaded into the module's filing system in the root folder. As soon as you have uploaded them, you should access the File Manager and move the document files into the folder corresponding to the folder icon page you have just uploaded the files to. Do the following:

To create the folders:

  1. Click on the Build tab
  2. Under Designer Tools on the left menu, click File Manager
  3. Click Create Folder
  4. Enter Title, e.g. "Red Folder" or "Hendon Extras", or "Dubai Extras"
  5. Cilck OK

To Move uploaded files into the folders:

  1. Tick the check-boxes of the files you have uploaded
  2. scroll to the bottom of the page and click Move button
  3. The Browse For Location window appears
  4. Click Class Files
  5. Click on the folder corresponding to the folder icon you uploaded the documents to, e.g. Red Folder, Hendon Extras or Dubai Extras
  6. Click OK at the bottom.

This way, you should have no files left in the root folder of the module. Any which you do find there you should identify and move into the corresponding folders Red, Hendon Extras or Dubai Extras to match the folder icon pages that they have been placed on.