nursing_icon.pngFolder Icons

The following three icons are the folder icons to be used, along with their respective names. Their colours represent specific functions: the red folder icon is for all Learning Materials, i.e. materials which will be unconditionally released; the green folder is the folder for the Green cohort and is called "Extras." (note the full stop at the end of the word - this is important as it will be the only way of distinguishing the green folder from the yellow folder in the Oasisplus folder structure); and the yellow folder for the yellow cohort is called "Extras_" (note the underscore at the end will distinguish the yellow folder from the green frolder).

Learning Materials

  1. Copy these folder icons to your computer's H drive.
  2. Save them with file names such as: "redfolder.png", "greenfolder.png" and "yellowfolder.png" else, just right-click and Save As and save to your H drive.
  3. In Oasisplus, go into your module, click on Build, then under Designer Tools on the left menu, click on File Manager.
  4. Click Create Folder, Title "New Folder Icons" and click OK
  5. Click on the new folder, "New Folder Icons" to go into the folder.
  6. Click Get Files button.
  7. Click My Computer icon. The Windows filing system opens.
  8. Navigate to your H drive where you saved the icons.
  9. Select all three files by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard and clicking each of the files with the mouse.
  10. Click Open button.
  11. The icons will then load into the folder.
  12. Go to Course Content Home Page
  13. Click Create folder button
  14. Add the title "Learning Materials" to represent the red folder and click Save.
  15. Click the Actionlink for the new folder icon you have just created and click Edit Properties.
  16. Under Custom Icon for this Link, click the Replace Icon.
  17. Click Class Files
  18. In the Filing system listed on the right, double click on the New Folder Icons folder
  19. Select the radio button for "redfolder.png" and click OK.
  20. When you are returned to the Custom Icon for this Link screen, click Save.
  21. Repeat steps 13 - 20 to add the green and yellow folders. Note: Give the Green folder the name "Extras." - note don't forget the full stop. Give the Yellow folder the name "Extras_" - don't forget the underscore at the end.
  22. For the Green and Yellow folders, go to their Actionlinks and hide them for the time being.
  23. Click the "Page Options" button in the top-right of the content window page. The click the Edit Footer from the drop-down box.
  24. In the Create or Edit Footer box, paste the following code: "<p align="center"><em>Icons courtesy of 3xhumed,, Creative Commons Licence: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Licence.<br />[source:, retreived 6.9.2010]</em></p> ". Do not include the speech marks. Make sure the Use HTML check-box is ticked. Then click the Save button below.