GradeMark is an online feedback and grading tool which is fully integrated with Turnitin within OASISplus. It provides paperless grading and instant, clear and legible feedback to students. It includes tools for marking up work submitted by students, adding comments, and applying rubrics and grades.

Pedagogical value and theory

Grademark allows you to:

  • mark papers and give feedback in a completely paperless way, saving on storage space and printing overheads, and making it easier to archive and locate papers later on
  • provide timely feedback to students by commenting on their work online and returning the feedback instantly
  • use a bank of re-usable 'QuickMarks' - this is a database of common comments, such as 'Awkward phrasing' and 'Weak transition'. You use these by simply dragging them from the sidebar to the relevant part of the text - this saves a lot of time and writing. '. You can build your own QuickMark sets and share these with your colleagues.
  • build and apply rubrics to your assignments, thus providing clear and consistent feedback against specified criteria

Examples of use at Middlesex