New Java Security warning has started appearing

This is being generated by the Java Runtime (current version 6 Update 19 onwards). This warning is NOT asking you if you want to run the WebCT Java applet, to which we usually respond with Run, it is asking the reverse, i.e. do you want to BLOCK the component from running. If you click Yes, you block the applet. Hence for this warning, you need to click NO.

Resolution of Java Security Warning

Java Security Warning in My Learning can be permanently switched off using the instructions below


Right click on the Java icon java.gifin the bottom right hand corner of the screen and select Open Control Panel.


Click on the Advanced tab, Security, and then expand the Mixed code menu by clicking on the + then check the Disable verification option or the Enable – hide warning and run with protections option both will solve the issue however the latter affords more security, then click Apply.