nursing_icon.pngOverseas_icon.pngMaintaining Groups

Adding Members

  1. In your Oasisplus module, click on the Teach tab.
  2. Click on Group Manager.
  3. To add students to the group, click Members. The Add Members screen displays a list of members. You can add members to this group later, too. You may need to expand the list of students by using the Paging Preferences icon in the bottom right hand corner. Select the Page drop-down box and select the last item which says "All" followed by the total number of students in the module in brackets, then click the green Go button.
  4. Select the check box next to the members you want to add and click Add Selected. The window will close and you will return to the Membership list.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the Membership list and click Save. Don't forget this step!

Removing Members

  1. Go to Teach Tab, Group Manager.
  2. Click on Actionlink of the group, Edit Group.
  3. Under Membership Information, tick check-boxes to the left of the member(s) you want to remove, then click the Remove Selected button at the bottom of the list.
  4. Click the Save button.