Overseas_icon.pngResponsibilities For Maintaining Student Lists

  1. You should aim for the initial set up to catch 90% of all the student cohorts on the UK and Overseas streams.
  2. The Sign-up sheet should catch most of the late starters and alert the teaching team of individual students that need to be added into their respective groups.

It is important that, for example, the Hendon and Dubai group lists are maintained as accurately as possible. This will require periodical and regular diligance and maintenance if and when problems occur. Such problems may include the students not being able to access Oasisplus (thay may not have an updated Misis record so will need to get this fixed at the Student Office), or when they do get in to Oasisplus and the module, they cannot see the Extras folder (because they have not been put into a group). Some students will contact their tutor directly and convey this verbally or by email. The tutor can act on this directly by updating the group list and adding the student to the appropriate group by cross checking the student's module enrollment on Misis and adding them on to the Hendon or Dubai group as appropriate.

The purpose of the Sign-up sheet.

The purpose of the sign-up sheet is to provide a simple, electronic means of conveying the same request to be put into a group. Any students without the second folder, the Extras folder, can, in just two mouse clicks, convey to the team that they have not been put into a group yet. The sign-up sheet should be checked regularly and any names that appear there should be acted upon and put into their correct group, identifying by checking on Misis which CRN they are enrolled on. When a student has been added to a group, they should then be removed from the sign-up sheet.

Some students may go through the sign-up sheet process even though they have already been added into their correct or respective groups. These students cannot read. Unfortunately, there is little we can do to prevent this from happening. The process for dealing with this is to check through on the Hendon and then on the Dubai group list to see if they have already been enrolled as above, and if they have already been added, simply remove them from the sign-up sheet list.

Working With The Sign-up Sheet

  1. Teach Tab
  2. Under Instructor Tools, click Group Manager
  3. The Sign-up sheet is distinguished from the Hendon and Dubai groups by having a Sign-up sheet title. Click Actionlink, Edit Group.
  4. Print or copy students listed under Membership Information. You may want to print off this list.
  5. Then select all the students listed using the check-boxes, and click the Remove Selected button.
  6. Click the Save button at the bottom.
  7. Log in to Misis and identify which CRN each student is on and mark it on your printout.
  8. Return to Oasisplus Group Manager, and select the Hendon group Actionlink.
  9. Click Add members button and select members marked as belonging in the Hendon cohort.
  10. Repeat above process for those in Dubai cohort.
  11. Click Save at the bottom.