E-Learning Support Team
The aim of the e-Learning Support Team is to provide administrative, technical and training support across the University on the use of OASISplus (the institutional Virtual Learning Environment), and a range of other learning technologies including Turnitin, Adobe Breeze/Connect, Wikis, the Personal Response System, and Podcasting, to ensure that the University's implementation of e-learning is carried out effectively.


Alex Chapman, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning, a.chapman@mdx.ac.uk x5339

Alex’s role involves developing the educational technology strategy, as well as the support or the use of educational technology across the University in to ensure that the University’s implementation of e-learning is carried out effectively and with regard to sound pedagogy. Alex has a particular interest in online assessment and feedback and also how Web 2.0 technologies such as social networking, blogs and wikis can be used to create student centered learning networks, which allow students to create and personalise their learning experience.

John Parkinson, Learning Technologist, j.parkinson@mdx.ac.uk x5240

John is a Fine Art graduate. Since John joined the e-Learning Team he has become particularly interested in how internet technologies can enhance the learning experience. Alongside his role as a Learning Technologist John is also completing an M.A. In Professional Practice with a focus on e-Learning and this provides him with a unique insight into the nature of the area of learning he supports.

Betty Sinyinza, Learning Technologist, b.sinyinza@mdx.ac.uk

Betty has been in involved in the field of e-learning for over five years. Betty’s interests lie in applying technology familiar to learners in social contexts to teaching and how it can be adapted, developed and creatively shaped to enhance learning.

Paul Smith, Learning Technologist, p.smith@mdx.ac.uk x4935

Paul’s role involves developing online materials and web-based systems for use by staff and students and providing technical support and training to users of OASISplus. Paul supports the use of systems such as Adobe Breeze/Connect for giving and recording online presentations and lectures, as well as other classroom technologies such as the Personal Response System. Paul also updates the Centre for Learning and Teaching Enhancement website and intranet pages.

John Koushappas, Learning Technologist, j.koushappas@mdx.ac.uk x5291

John was one of the first people in the University to become a WebCT Certified Trainer. He supports all University staff using OASISplus and a range of other supported e-learning technologies. He administers the University VLE, OASISplus, Middlesex Wikis, and provides advice, staff training and student inductions. He also maintains a number of the CLTE department's websites.