e-Portfolios - what are they and how can they be used for assessment?

Type of workshop
This workshop is offered on a scheduled basis.

Target audience
The workshop would be of interest to all staff involved in the assessment of e-Portfolios and those who are considering the integration of e-Portfolios in their teaching.

Brief outline/description
e-Portfolios have clear links with teaching and learning, and benefits exist for students when the vision of e-Portfolios is part of a strategy to promote appropriate assessments for learning. As a new form of assessment however, marking an e-portfolio can present challenges. In this three-hour workshop we explore strategies to maximise the potential of e-Portfolios by designing efficient approaches to assessment for personalised learning.
This workshop aims to:
  • raise awareness of pedagogical issues pertinent to e-Portfolios and personalised learning
  • help participants identify any changes to current practice which arise from the use of e-Portfolios
  • provide opportunities to consider appropriate assessment strategies and how these are supported by the University‚Äôs e-Portfolio platform

Intended outcomes
By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
  • articulate the functions and purposes of e-Portfolio based assessment
  • identify opportunities for summative and formative assessment through e-Portfolios
  • create a plan for implementing e-Portfolio assessment strategies which are authentic, subject-specific and achievable.

Led by
Mike Mimirinis, e-Learning Academic Advisor

3 hours