e-Portfolios Frequently Asked Questions


When I click on the Step 1, Step 2 link in my module, I get an "Application not authorized to use CAS" error. (23.9.2013)


There was recently a change in the University's computer systems and the way that students log in to Pebblepad. The old way was through the Pebblepad proxy tool on Oasisplus. This is now obsolete. It also means that all the old workbook methods will also no longer work. The error screen you will see is as follows:

CAS Error.png

The new way to log in to Pebblepad is directly from the Pebblepad link in the My Learning portlet on MyUnihub.

Please see New Pebblepad Access page for full details.


How do I remove a duplicate workbook from the module gateway? (6.10.2013)


Follow the instructions below to remove the duplicate workbook's link to the gateway:


PebblePad is unable to open in the current version of Firefox and is asking for an update to Flash which is unavailable for the student to do. (9.10.2013)


The open access computer room PCs on campus have all been upgraded to the Windows 7 operating system. This includes more recent versions of the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers. However, the Adobe Flash plug-in software to these is now out of date, as it is frequently updated by Adobe. You thus get a warning screen telling you the Flash player is out of date. This is because Pebblepad uses Adobe Flash.

Resolution: You can click on the last line in the warning screen to get past it and thus allow the application to run anyway.


How do I add comments/feedback to students e-workbooks? (25.10.2013)


The following document provides example guidance on how a tutor can provide feedback using the vailable tools in Pebblepad.